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[02 Aug 2005|03:01pm]

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It's a girl! [13 Oct 2004|08:07pm]
[ mood | excited ]

All this time I have been telling Jake and Annie that they would have a girl, and I am right!!!!! Jason just called my cell phone with the news, and I had to call JakeandAnnie with the congrats.....well....and to rub it in that I was right. Virginia Spence Snider. Coming soon. :)

man, I feel like an Uncle.

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Karen And Gary buy a Digital Camera.. [13 Oct 2004|01:08am]
[ mood | geeky ]

The folks got a new digital camera. Olympus. It puts my digital camera so shame... So much smaller than my digital camera. Look at your cell phone right now. It's so small, sleek. Wow. Technology has come a long way. Now, imagine a cell phone from the 80's. HUGE phones. You would need three hands just to hold this phone to your ear..... that's how much bigger my digital camera is. It's like an 80's cell phone.

I've been messing around with it since I got home tonight, and I took some pictures that I thought I would share. Yes, they are of me.... holding the camera in front of me, taking pointless pictures of myself.

thejasongore's eyes
Ever want to know the color of my eyes???? Well, there ya go.

Digital cameras = fun.

Went to Karaoke for about 15 minutes tonight. Sucked. Wasn't fun. Sorority girls singing Debbie Gibson. Brought back horrible memories of my relationship with Debbie Gibson when I was 8.....God... she used me up, and tossed me. "Out Of The Blue" was originally about me......orignally called "Jason Gave Me A Trapper Keeper (Out Of The Blue)", but then she just went with the "out of the blue" part, and rewrote the lyrics. Harlot.

Phil Hendrie seems to think that Kerry will be the next president, just because the Bush Administration is sooooooo out of touch with Americans on issues like the economy, stem cell research, and gay marriage. Hendrie said that they need to focus on actually connecting with Americans, instead of talking about "them Gays" all the time. Democrats don't focus on that issue, where Republicans harp on it. On tonight's show, Hendrie brought up a point about Barry Goldwater (1964 GOP Presidential Candidate.... some point to Goldwater as the creator of bullshit "Compassionate Conservatism"). When Goldwater was asked about homosexuals being in the military, he responded with "what does that have to do with being a Republican?" He didn't care. It wasn't a pressing issue. Hendrie made the point that instead of Republicans walking around talking about "them gays", they should just let the issue go, and then they may start to connect with people. If the Republicans don't start paying attention to actual issues, and get in touch with the average citizen rather than thump on their bible, their party is going to be reduced to having their conventions in the Midwest in a revival tent, complete with organ player (The Apostle w/Robert Duvall style...with Farrah Fawcett "banging on the organ....pardon the pun"). Phil Hendrie. What a fucking genius. Best radio show, hands down. Definitely take a listen if you can (Supertalk 101.7 here in the New River Valley.. nice Cumulus NRV plug there). Hendrie also talked about how badly Bush "got his ass kicked" in the first two debates, and historically, no candidate has won the election losing three debates. Here's looking to tomorrow night. :)

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Please Vote For Kerry. That's all I will say. :) [12 Oct 2004|08:20pm]
[ mood | giddy ]

Back in the livejournal groove. I enjoyed a nice little spurt of livejoural updates in August..... and really didn't post shit in September. So much has happened. Here's your recap.

- Went down to visit Kristen in Black Mountain. Had an amazing time. I met her family (who are absolutely great) and friends (who are also very wonderful). We saw Fahrenheit 911 (which I now own on DVD). How anyone can vote for Bush after seeing that film is beyond me..... it frightened me and made me laugh out loud.

- Kristen came up to Radford and we saw Garden State, and I introduced Kristen to my parents. They really like Kristen, a lot. As soon as she entered the house, Dad began to show her all of the family pictures in the hall.... plus, Dad really didn't rip into her knowing that she's a liberal. DEFINITELY a sign that Dad likes her. :) Hell, Dad rips into me on a daily basis for being a liberal. I introduced Kristen to one of many holy foods of Radford... the chrustie..... in all its glory. We were going to drive back to Asheville that night, but we were too exhausted from the mighty chrustie. I took her back to Asheville late Monday. Lounged around from exhaustion, ate amazing Italian food, and drove back to Radford on Wednesday. I had such an amazing time with Kristen during those days, and even though we were just being "friends", I was falling deeper in love with her. I absolutely hated leaving Black Mountain that morning...it felt soooooo good being with her.... but it was okay, because Kristen wanted to come back to Radford on Saturday for Emily's "Back To School" party.

and with that.....

- Kristen came back to Radford. We got up early so we could make it to Roanoke for DJ Rob's wedding. Kristen looked amazing in her black dress, fishnets, and mary jane's. I looked handsome in a suit... :) The wedding... well, I've never experienced a wedding like that. The priest (who I later found out was a former NYC cabbie) was fucking hilarious! "Soma timesa you wanta the spaghetti, anda sometimesa you wanta the steak. You have to compromise." Comedy GOLD! "This is the part where someone would usually sing.... skipping that...." GOLD! After some fantastic mexican food, we drove back to Radford for Emily's shindig. f15b played. Pretty fucking good. Before they played, Kristen and I relaxed in their "backstage area" (also known as my basement), and listened to them argue over what Weezer songs they would play. Their drummer reminded us of Napoleon Dynamite with his "hey maybe we could play 'say it doesn't blow' by Weezer" comments. Ha. We hung around the house all night, relaxed, and spent time together. It felt so good to be with her. Felt soo good to see her have fun with my family. On Sunday. we went shopping for presents for my Mom, since we were going to celebrate her birthday that evening at Sal's. Kristen got Mom a basket full of yarn, because the night before, Mom and Kristen had some CraftTime! "Oooooh, look at this scarf." "That's beautiful!" Oooooooooh. Girly. Girl. Girl. I felt like less of a man. :) But, I have to say that the purses were delicious!!!! :) Anyway. Kristen got Mom yarn, and I got her scented candles (some real fall scents....pumpkin pie, apples, etc) and a stuffed bear. Mom loved the gifts, and was really touched that Kristen got her something. She kept saying "She didn't have to get me anything" when Kristen wasn't around.

That night we introduced Kristen to the magic that is Sal's in Radford. I can't remember the name of the dish that I ordered, but it was huge. And as we were marvelling at its greatness, something MUCH larger came to the table....Kristen's calzone. We ordered the large calzone thinking that we could share it, we didn't know that it was large enough to feed a small nation.....possibly Denmark. Sweet Jesus. It was fucking delicious.

- The next day Kristen and I drove back down to Black Mountain. Kristen and her family were going to celebrate Thanksgiving that evening (since she would be in jolly old England when the real Thanksgiving was going down), and they invited me. I was very excited about this for two reasons: 1) I wanted to hang out with Kristen's family more because I thought they were great 2) I'm a turkey fiend. I fucking love Thanksgiving, and if I can experience it twice in one year, right on. It was an amazing meal, and Kristen and I were sneaky and held hands under the dinner table. It felt like high school, and I loved every second. At this point I have to mention another wonderful part of Kristen's family, and his name is Simon. Simon is a Boston Terrier, and he is officially my boy. I love that dog. He would get jealous of Kristen and I being so close, and while we would be kissing on her couch, he would squeeze between us... not to get to Kristen... but to get to me. Jealous, jealous dog. He has human sized balls. Seriously. Probably bigger than mine.......

- On Tuesday I drove back to Radford, once again very sad to leave Kristen. We talked for a bit that night while she packed, and realized that I would have to make the drive down to the airport because she left her black dress in my room. Fantastic! I was already hoping I could make the trek down, since I was dying to see her again before she left for the UK.

- I made it to the airport with plenty of time to hang out before she had to go through security. I brought her the black dress, and a new scarf that Mom made for her from the birthday yarn that Kristen bought. It was nice to kiss, hold hands, read TIME magazine, make fun of a Cheney/Rumsfeld/Bush picture where they look very Tarantinoesque, and just be together for the last few moments before she had to go. And when she finally had to leave, we kissed and hugged, and then I headed off for my car.... So extremely sad, but happy at the same time, knowing that I would see her in October.

- Kristen has been having an amazing time in London (you can actually read her updates as illfollowthesun on my friends list. Seriously. Read them. Hilarious stuff.). And since she has been in London, we've only grown closer. I'm sooooooooooo in love. She's so beautiful, briliant, loving, and she is absolutely hilarious. She's my girlfriend now, and I love her with all of my heart. Extremely lucky to have her in my life. We're serious about each other, serious and giddy in love. We've been talking about very serious things that would normally scare the holy fuck out of me, but in this case it just excites me and makes me feel amazing and blissfully happy. To give you a hint, I want to be in love with her for the rest of my life. :) I've been happy as a loner for such a long time, and now I don't want to be a loner anymore... that doesn't make me happy, she makes me happy. I want to be with her.

I drive up to Alexandria a week from today so I can crash at Pat and Sarah's (and finish recording the new SpoonFed Adults album...I will leave my car at their house, and they will drop me at Dulles the next day...I have fucking fantastic friends!), and I fly to London on the 20th. Very, very, very excited. Can't wait to be there, and to be able to experience London with Kristen.

I'll write more before I leave, and I'll definitely update (w/pics) when I come home.

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"You're not teaching me a new thing. Try to realize, and call me when you're ready." [19 Aug 2004|02:24pm]
Fuck the Olympics. Seriously. Not interested at all. Fuck Mary Lou Retton... not sure if she is competing...that's how much attention I'm paying.

Radford's "Under The Bridge, Hooray We Have A Bridge!" party is this weekend, and the theme is 40 years of The Fab Four. Wow! Hey guys, that would have worked so much better if you did it during the 3+years I actually hosted a Beatles radio show. I'm still going to go for a bit. Probably won't even watch the Beatles cover band. I was originally excited about seeing them, but I'm not so excited now. Plus, I've heckled too many off-key Beatles tribute bands in my day. I'm retired. If 1964:The Tribute were playing, I'd be there. They play "And Your Bird Can Sing" live, and that is impressive as hell. You try playing that on guitar. Go. Now. Try it. Fucking hard, isn't it?

Thinking about going to Richmond this weekend after the 2-5 remote at the Bridge Festival. Amanda said she would come up from Gloucester to hang out. That would be fun. Haven't been able to hang out with Amanda since 2002. Plus, Jake and Annie are house sitting some gigantimus Mansion......with a pool. Can't swim very well, but I'm definitely getting in the pool.

Getting ready to go to work. Not sure what I'm going to get into tonight. Could go to
Karaoke. Forgot to mention that I sang Al Green's "Tired Of Being Alone" and Sinatra's "One For My Baby" on Tuesday night.

That's enough for now. Off to work.
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They asked us to stay for tea.. and have some fun. [15 Aug 2004|08:01pm]
[ mood | geeky ]

Still writing from Athens, GA. I decided to stay another night. I'll go back to Radford in the morning.

Everyone decided to go camping yesterday, so I decided to stay in Athens.

Going back to the Georgia Square mall was a bit odd. People still remember me. I.t. from Gold N'Time called me his good friend. Apparently he had a heart attack two weeks ago, and now he no longer looks up the skirts of women walking near the railing on the second floor. Heart attacks can change a man. Meryl caught me up with mall gossip.

Albert at the newsstand remembered me and gave me a drink at mall employee price. The little things......

Other Athens randomness:
The 40 Watt is having an Ali G First Season screening for free on Tuesday night. Respek. The DVD's are coming out soon.

Getting ready to go eat with Steve and Emily, and some other Athenians. I'll write more later.

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Woah. [20 Dec 2003|09:05pm]
[ mood | creeeeeped ]

The Ghost of Henry VIII caught on Closed Circuit camera. Fuckin' creepy, eh?

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Snow. Fucking EVERYWHERE! [05 Dec 2003|02:50pm]
[ mood | awake ]

Well the past couple of weeks have involved Mr. Jason Gore (that's me!) looking for employment..... basically the same fucking quest I have been on this entire year. But there could be a light at the end of the tunnel. I had an interview with Echostar this week.... and took a drug test yesterday.. and now I'm waiting to hear back from them because there is a good possibility that they want me to start on Monday. Woo! What is Echostar you ask? Fantastic question. Echostar is the company that owns DISH Network. Basically my job will be to sit on the phone all day helping Dish customers remember to turn their TV to channel 3, or perhaps...turn the television on. $9 an hour plus benefits for that. :) The hours aren't going to be the best, I may get off at 11pm..... and work weekends (but get days off during the week).... but I'm really not doing much right now... so working nights isn't going to bother me. Plus this is a great opportunity to get back on my feet financially..... and I'll be looking for radio work while I'm working at Echostar. Who knows, I could stay at Echostar for quite a while. Anyway. There's possible light at the end of the tunnel! Fuckin' hooray! Now I just need to find someone to sublease my room in Athens so I don't have to keep paying $200 a month. I'm still so fucking happy to be away from Athens.

Sandi came up with a great idea.... one that I enjoy because I am unemployed and I am dying for new music.... that idea is to say "fuck copyrights!" and copy CD's we want from each other. Sharing is caring. So send 'em lists around of what you want to hear(thejasongore@hotmail.com) and let's start burning.

At The Moment. Records I want to hear.
"Blackberry Belle" - Twilight Singers (hint. hint. Ginger. :) )
"So Much For The City" - The Thrills
"One Mississippi" reissue - Brendan Benson
"Metarie EP" - Brendan Benson and the Wellfed Boys
"Posies Box Set" - Posies
"Speed Graphic...and that other Ben Folds EP that was released.." - umm.. Ben Folds.
"North" - Elvis Costello
REM Best Of - REM [just for "Bad Day" and "All The Right Friends"]

That's it so far. Sure I could come up with more. E-mail me yer want list.

All for now. Wish me luck with this job.


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[15 Oct 2003|12:32pm]

Take this and other free quizlets on Match.com!
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Monday, Coktober 6th. [08 Oct 2003|12:30am]
Written at the calendar kiosk:

Sweet, sweet Jesus. Does anyone else find it ironic that I'm working in a fucking mall?....Or am I the only one who notices this? My sarcastic powers are only growing by the minute. I seem to think that this is a good thing for the world.......the world somewhat agrees. Besides, this is the same world that could potentially say "Holy fuck, New York & Co are having a sale on the sexiest pants in the city!!!!!!!" and they are actually excited about this. I've seen it with my sarcastic eyes. It's probably the first time in months they've experienced excitement..
Trip to Radford was awesome. Too short (the time spent there, not the lame ass rap artist). Wonderful food. I miss the hell out of my folks and sister. So good to see them. The only sadness is that I have to leave in order to get paid a measley $28 to sell 0 calendars to 0 customers. Better than not getting paid at all, but holy shite this is mindnumbing!
Mall Radio...............................
.................where the fuck do these assclowns program this shit?!?!?!?!?! Do the really think that I'm dyin' to hear "Intuition" by fucking Jewel ("I used to live in my van and play shitty folk rock, now I likes to skahea my assa") and that new piece of third world shite by LIz Phair (oh my sweet foul mouthed Liz, where have you gone? Who is this plastic broad in yer place?)? At least I no longer have to hear "I'm every woman" blasting out of New York And Co's system fourteen times during a four hour shift (i shit you not). You do the exhausting math....here's an abacus (I miss abacus). Ok...sweet! "She Bangs" has been followed by some bland ass Stevie Nicks song. The mall radio programming Gods are surely shining their graces upon me. Hopefully Jason Mraz is next. Please?
11:30am. Still no calendars sold. Ha! The fucking Cubs won last night. I'm sure Maurer gives a damn and will tell me all about the amazin' Cubs. Sarah, they sacrificed Harry Carey long ago so they could have that win. Sacrificed. "Holy cow, someone pop the lid..."
WOW. $6 an hour to write a journal log. But people DO need 2004 calendars on 10/6/03.........and the market isn't even saturated....sigh.
I pray that I get on with TSAV (http://www.tsav.com). $9.50 an hour. In my degree. Benefits. No fucking calendars. Please. "oooooooh, do you have a 2004 Chesapeake Rottweiler calendar?".........................."umm. yeah. hold on. it's right behind mine scroat, lemme get that for you. Thanks for shopping."
If you weren't at the mall today, you missed a man beating on a trash can and rapping "ice ice baby." Oh sweet Athens.

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Happy Birthday Mom! [30 Aug 2003|04:03am]
[ mood | happy ]

Happy Birthday Mom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yer lovin' son,

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[30 Aug 2003|03:55am]
[ mood | drunk ]

Drunk. Drunk. And more drunk. Drank at Engine Room tonight while Steve and Chevey played pool against current and former member of Elf Power. I played FooZ BalL and had my ass kicked by Mark and Rhett.

So things are well here in Athens. Adjusting more. Still homesick, but not as bad. Been writing songs like a madman.

Start work at Waldenbooks on Monday. They gave me 12.5 hours next week......... Wish I had more time to play fucking video games..... but obviously I'm making big cash with no time to fuck around. Sigh. Wish I could meet an awesome gurl here in Athens. Have I become more awkward since I've been here or more sarcastic and more "I don't give a fuck." Not sure. Answer coming soon.


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Wow. I'm an asshole. [28 Aug 2003|07:14pm]
So I don't update this as much as I should. Here's to changing that. Even though I do believe I say that every time I write here....... yeah.

Anyway. I now live in Athens, GA. It's hot as fuck here. And if you're wondering....the degree of fuck stays around 100 degrees... Radford feels like a ski lodge in comparison.

The Brothers Gore are going strong. http://www.brosgore.com
Check it out...

Hmm... that's about all I'll type right now. Type more later? Sure.

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Let's recap...shall we [15 Dec 2002|06:01pm]
Okay. So it's been waaaaay too long. Since I wrote last....

- I had strep throat. The only sore throat I have ever had that required a painkiller. Lasted a week.... the antibiotic that the Doc put me on broke me out in Hives......the non-Swede kind. I looked like a damn leper.....no offense to y'all lepers....

- worked my ass off at The Bear.

- worked my ass off at The Bear.

Wow. That's about it. Been recording quite a bit. Should have something out soon.....and by "out" I mean you should be able to get a FREE cdr from me soon......

Steve and I are going to start playing shows with our friend Mark Rains as Bros*Gore. First show: January 19th at the Ton 80 club in Blacksburg with The Greatest (pity we're no longer The Most).

That's all for now. I may write more later.

Current albums I'm listening/geeking to:
Pavement: Slanted And Enchanted reissue
The Minus Five: Down With Wilco
The Rentals: Little Russell Street
Loose Fur: s/t

Word. Cheers!
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Okay, so this is just a test. [13 Nov 2002|05:49pm]
Once again. Only a test.
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