TheJasonGore (thejasongore) wrote,

Monday, Coktober 6th.

Written at the calendar kiosk:

Sweet, sweet Jesus. Does anyone else find it ironic that I'm working in a fucking mall?....Or am I the only one who notices this? My sarcastic powers are only growing by the minute. I seem to think that this is a good thing for the world.......the world somewhat agrees. Besides, this is the same world that could potentially say "Holy fuck, New York & Co are having a sale on the sexiest pants in the city!!!!!!!" and they are actually excited about this. I've seen it with my sarcastic eyes. It's probably the first time in months they've experienced excitement..
Trip to Radford was awesome. Too short (the time spent there, not the lame ass rap artist). Wonderful food. I miss the hell out of my folks and sister. So good to see them. The only sadness is that I have to leave in order to get paid a measley $28 to sell 0 calendars to 0 customers. Better than not getting paid at all, but holy shite this is mindnumbing!
Mall Radio...............................
.................where the fuck do these assclowns program this shit?!?!?!?!?! Do the really think that I'm dyin' to hear "Intuition" by fucking Jewel ("I used to live in my van and play shitty folk rock, now I likes to skahea my assa") and that new piece of third world shite by LIz Phair (oh my sweet foul mouthed Liz, where have you gone? Who is this plastic broad in yer place?)? At least I no longer have to hear "I'm every woman" blasting out of New York And Co's system fourteen times during a four hour shift (i shit you not). You do the exhausting's an abacus (I miss abacus). Ok...sweet! "She Bangs" has been followed by some bland ass Stevie Nicks song. The mall radio programming Gods are surely shining their graces upon me. Hopefully Jason Mraz is next. Please?
11:30am. Still no calendars sold. Ha! The fucking Cubs won last night. I'm sure Maurer gives a damn and will tell me all about the amazin' Cubs. Sarah, they sacrificed Harry Carey long ago so they could have that win. Sacrificed. "Holy cow, someone pop the lid..."
WOW. $6 an hour to write a journal log. But people DO need 2004 calendars on 10/6/03.........and the market isn't even saturated....sigh.
I pray that I get on with TSAV ( $9.50 an hour. In my degree. Benefits. No fucking calendars. Please. "oooooooh, do you have a 2004 Chesapeake Rottweiler calendar?".........................."umm. yeah. hold on. it's right behind mine scroat, lemme get that for you. Thanks for shopping."
If you weren't at the mall today, you missed a man beating on a trash can and rapping "ice ice baby." Oh sweet Athens.

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