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Snow. Fucking EVERYWHERE!

Well the past couple of weeks have involved Mr. Jason Gore (that's me!) looking for employment..... basically the same fucking quest I have been on this entire year. But there could be a light at the end of the tunnel. I had an interview with Echostar this week.... and took a drug test yesterday.. and now I'm waiting to hear back from them because there is a good possibility that they want me to start on Monday. Woo! What is Echostar you ask? Fantastic question. Echostar is the company that owns DISH Network. Basically my job will be to sit on the phone all day helping Dish customers remember to turn their TV to channel 3, or perhaps...turn the television on. $9 an hour plus benefits for that. :) The hours aren't going to be the best, I may get off at 11pm..... and work weekends (but get days off during the week).... but I'm really not doing much right now... so working nights isn't going to bother me. Plus this is a great opportunity to get back on my feet financially..... and I'll be looking for radio work while I'm working at Echostar. Who knows, I could stay at Echostar for quite a while. Anyway. There's possible light at the end of the tunnel! Fuckin' hooray! Now I just need to find someone to sublease my room in Athens so I don't have to keep paying $200 a month. I'm still so fucking happy to be away from Athens.

Sandi came up with a great idea.... one that I enjoy because I am unemployed and I am dying for new music.... that idea is to say "fuck copyrights!" and copy CD's we want from each other. Sharing is caring. So send 'em lists around of what you want to hear( and let's start burning.

At The Moment. Records I want to hear.
"Blackberry Belle" - Twilight Singers (hint. hint. Ginger. :) )
"So Much For The City" - The Thrills
"One Mississippi" reissue - Brendan Benson
"Metarie EP" - Brendan Benson and the Wellfed Boys
"Posies Box Set" - Posies
"Speed Graphic...and that other Ben Folds EP that was released.." - umm.. Ben Folds.
"North" - Elvis Costello
REM Best Of - REM [just for "Bad Day" and "All The Right Friends"]

That's it so far. Sure I could come up with more. E-mail me yer want list.

All for now. Wish me luck with this job.

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