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"You're not teaching me a new thing. Try to realize, and call me when you're ready."

Fuck the Olympics. Seriously. Not interested at all. Fuck Mary Lou Retton... not sure if she is competing...that's how much attention I'm paying.

Radford's "Under The Bridge, Hooray We Have A Bridge!" party is this weekend, and the theme is 40 years of The Fab Four. Wow! Hey guys, that would have worked so much better if you did it during the 3+years I actually hosted a Beatles radio show. I'm still going to go for a bit. Probably won't even watch the Beatles cover band. I was originally excited about seeing them, but I'm not so excited now. Plus, I've heckled too many off-key Beatles tribute bands in my day. I'm retired. If 1964:The Tribute were playing, I'd be there. They play "And Your Bird Can Sing" live, and that is impressive as hell. You try playing that on guitar. Go. Now. Try it. Fucking hard, isn't it?

Thinking about going to Richmond this weekend after the 2-5 remote at the Bridge Festival. Amanda said she would come up from Gloucester to hang out. That would be fun. Haven't been able to hang out with Amanda since 2002. Plus, Jake and Annie are house sitting some gigantimus Mansion......with a pool. Can't swim very well, but I'm definitely getting in the pool.

Getting ready to go to work. Not sure what I'm going to get into tonight. Could go to
Karaoke. Forgot to mention that I sang Al Green's "Tired Of Being Alone" and Sinatra's "One For My Baby" on Tuesday night.

That's enough for now. Off to work.
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