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Karen And Gary buy a Digital Camera..

The folks got a new digital camera. Olympus. It puts my digital camera so shame... So much smaller than my digital camera. Look at your cell phone right now. It's so small, sleek. Wow. Technology has come a long way. Now, imagine a cell phone from the 80's. HUGE phones. You would need three hands just to hold this phone to your ear..... that's how much bigger my digital camera is. It's like an 80's cell phone.

I've been messing around with it since I got home tonight, and I took some pictures that I thought I would share. Yes, they are of me.... holding the camera in front of me, taking pointless pictures of myself.

thejasongore's eyes
Ever want to know the color of my eyes???? Well, there ya go.

Digital cameras = fun.

Went to Karaoke for about 15 minutes tonight. Sucked. Wasn't fun. Sorority girls singing Debbie Gibson. Brought back horrible memories of my relationship with Debbie Gibson when I was 8.....God... she used me up, and tossed me. "Out Of The Blue" was originally about me......orignally called "Jason Gave Me A Trapper Keeper (Out Of The Blue)", but then she just went with the "out of the blue" part, and rewrote the lyrics. Harlot.

Phil Hendrie seems to think that Kerry will be the next president, just because the Bush Administration is sooooooo out of touch with Americans on issues like the economy, stem cell research, and gay marriage. Hendrie said that they need to focus on actually connecting with Americans, instead of talking about "them Gays" all the time. Democrats don't focus on that issue, where Republicans harp on it. On tonight's show, Hendrie brought up a point about Barry Goldwater (1964 GOP Presidential Candidate.... some point to Goldwater as the creator of bullshit "Compassionate Conservatism"). When Goldwater was asked about homosexuals being in the military, he responded with "what does that have to do with being a Republican?" He didn't care. It wasn't a pressing issue. Hendrie made the point that instead of Republicans walking around talking about "them gays", they should just let the issue go, and then they may start to connect with people. If the Republicans don't start paying attention to actual issues, and get in touch with the average citizen rather than thump on their bible, their party is going to be reduced to having their conventions in the Midwest in a revival tent, complete with organ player (The Apostle w/Robert Duvall style...with Farrah Fawcett "banging on the organ....pardon the pun"). Phil Hendrie. What a fucking genius. Best radio show, hands down. Definitely take a listen if you can (Supertalk 101.7 here in the New River Valley.. nice Cumulus NRV plug there). Hendrie also talked about how badly Bush "got his ass kicked" in the first two debates, and historically, no candidate has won the election losing three debates. Here's looking to tomorrow night. :)
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