TheJasonGore (thejasongore) wrote,

Let's recap...shall we

Okay. So it's been waaaaay too long. Since I wrote last....

- I had strep throat. The only sore throat I have ever had that required a painkiller. Lasted a week.... the antibiotic that the Doc put me on broke me out in Hives......the non-Swede kind. I looked like a damn offense to y'all lepers....

- worked my ass off at The Bear.

- worked my ass off at The Bear.

Wow. That's about it. Been recording quite a bit. Should have something out soon.....and by "out" I mean you should be able to get a FREE cdr from me soon......

Steve and I are going to start playing shows with our friend Mark Rains as Bros*Gore. First show: January 19th at the Ton 80 club in Blacksburg with The Greatest (pity we're no longer The Most).

That's all for now. I may write more later.

Current albums I'm listening/geeking to:
Pavement: Slanted And Enchanted reissue
The Minus Five: Down With Wilco
The Rentals: Little Russell Street
Loose Fur: s/t

Word. Cheers!
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