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They asked us to stay for tea.. and have some fun.

Still writing from Athens, GA. I decided to stay another night. I'll go back to Radford in the morning.

Everyone decided to go camping yesterday, so I decided to stay in Athens.

Going back to the Georgia Square mall was a bit odd. People still remember me. I.t. from Gold N'Time called me his good friend. Apparently he had a heart attack two weeks ago, and now he no longer looks up the skirts of women walking near the railing on the second floor. Heart attacks can change a man. Meryl caught me up with mall gossip.

Albert at the newsstand remembered me and gave me a drink at mall employee price. The little things......

Other Athens randomness:
The 40 Watt is having an Ali G First Season screening for free on Tuesday night. Respek. The DVD's are coming out soon.

Getting ready to go eat with Steve and Emily, and some other Athenians. I'll write more later.
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